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For the past 10 years I have been involved in the flying in, flying out (FIFO) world and also providing accommodation for the mining industry. The accommodation in these environments requires something that is quick to establish, easy to maintain and cost effective. That is part of what makes Global Container Homes so practical and useful.

Another advantage is that I have lived in the relocatable homes and granny flats we supply on many occasions. I do this for several reasons.

One is that I want to test the quality of the container homes for myself in all types of weather before releasing them for sale to our valued customers.

Secondly, while we have some of the most thorough quality control processes in place, only by living in them can I look for improvement in the design and functionality to serve our customers better.

And third, we’re seeing a growing demand in Australia for granny flats and our affordable, easy DIY accommodation and container homes from outback properties, mining, homeowners and disaster relief services, just to name a few.

This container home trend is also alive and well throughout the Asia Pacific region too. And as I have first-hand experience and am extremely knowledgeable in container homes and granny flats and understand the behind the scenes of how they are made and the logistics and construction process, I can answer the questions and meet the needs of our customers from order to delivery to installation.

Before starting Global Container Homes

I must admit I’ve been an extremely lucky and blessed man. I have lived overseas in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Indonesia a lot of my life, and have owned and operated three successful businesses during that time.

One was an Aquaventures scuba diving company in PNG that offered local day dive trips, live aboard diving, and was the only PADI Instructor Training Centre in PNG.

My second business was a ship building company that built vessels in Indonesia. I also established a shipping company on behalf of the Public Private Partnership process to assist the landowners. We operated 6 vessels throughout PNG from 12mt vessel to 46mt landing craft with 500 tonne capacity and 140 passengers.

Another business was my logistics company, which was established to provide logistics support and management support to companies operating in PNG, assisted large infrastructure works and sub contracted throughout PNG.

So, as you can see I’m no stranger to business, logistics, quality control or ow to deliver and serve people professionally when it comes to container homes and granny flats. We’ve got you covered from start to finish on all things container homes for private, retail or commercial use.

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